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September 20th, 2010 | home

it’s that time again! ohhh i really fell behind with vacation & work, but there’s still time to party & i just love all the goodies autumn has to offer. let’s revel in the first chilly harvests with a couple good fake holidays celebrating food!

september brings us national: chicken month, biscuit month, mushroom month, & ‘better breakfast’ month! we’ve also got a handful of delicious dailies coming our way.

  • i’ve got a great recipe to make your mouth smile for cherries jubilee day on september 24th
  • pancake day is on the 26th. i might have an interesting pancake recipe to share to help make your breakfast better….
  • national corned beef hash day comes on the 27th. does anyone out there like this stuff? my mom used to make it for us all the time! i can’t say i like or dislike it, but i know my sister loves it!
  • drink beer day on the 28th (& everyday in my house!)
  • warm up on the 30th with some mulled cider
  • next week is wild rice week, & there’s a tasty recipe coming your way to enjoy it!

lots of new recipes coming in the next couple weeks! i promise i’ll make up for lost time.

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3 Responses to “fake food holidays! september edition”

Adam Says:

I could always use a good pancake recipe, instead of relying on store bought pancake mix.

susie! Says:

awesome, adam. consider it done! i’ve got you covered :)

Adam Says:

I thought you were gonna post a pancake recipe :\

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